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553 Staff Nurses Wanted in the UK: Make a Difference in Healthcare with Jedegal – Apply Now!

Are you passionate about making a real difference in healthcare and looking for an exciting staff nurse position in the UK?

Look no further than Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc!

Whether you’re seeking growth opportunities or a chance to expand your horizons in a new country, JEDEGAL has everything you need to achieve your goals.

Interestingly, JEDEGAL offers 553 opportunities for talented individuals like you to join their team and positively impact patient care and employee growth.

With an attractive annual salary range of GBP 19,373.00 – 30,112.00 and a supportive work environment, this is the perfect opportunity to take your nursing career to the next level.

But before you apply, be sure to carefully review the job description, qualifications, and requirements to see if you’re the right fit.

If you want to apply for the staff nurse positions offered by JEDEGAL in the UK, you must submit various documents to demonstrate your qualifications and suitability for the job.

These include an updated resume, an IELTS/OET certificate (if applicable), a valid birth certificate and marriage contract (for female applicants only), a passport and a copy of your old passport, a nursing diploma, a transcript of records, a Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board certificate, a colored copy of your PRC ID, an e-registration form, a Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) certificate, and a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance.

Submitting these documents will increase your chances of being considered for the position.

The annual salary range for this exciting opportunity is approximately PHP 1,305,430.62 – 2,028,967.39 or PHP 108,785.885 – 169,080.62 per month.

If you’re ready to take your nursing career to the next level, JEDEGAL International Manpower Services, Inc. is here to help you make a difference in the lives of others!

Applying is easy: just click the link provided and fill out the application form. Once done, you can send scanned copies of your required documents to the email address listed

You can also visit JEDEGAL’s office for immediate screening if you prefer a more personal touch. Their office is located on the Ground Floor & 2nd Floor of Accent Tower, Building 33 Shorthorn St., Project 8 Quezon City.

Contact the recruitment agency through their phone numbers or email to get started today.

Remember, visiting their head office in person is the fastest way to receive feedback from the Recruitment Officers.

The application deadline is May 30, 2023, so don’t wait any longer.

Apply now and take the first step toward a fulfilling nursing career!

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A staff nurse is a healthcare professional responsible for providing patient care in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Ultimately, please be reminded that this job posting is for informational purposes only, and any information contained herein belongs to its rightful owners.

You may click the “APPLY NOW!” button provided if you wish to proceed in applying. May you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your skills, interests, and goals. BEST OF LUCK!

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