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Barangay Clearance: An Overview of its Processes

To show your good moral character and the absence of any open civil or criminal cases that are known to your barangay or any complaints made against you, you must obtain a barangay clearance.

A barangay ID or certificate is not the same as a barangay clearance. The certificate’s function is to give your desired outcome, such as starting a business, its approval.

The clearance serves as documentation of your moral character. We will demonstrate how to obtain a barangay clearance:

What is a Barangay Clearance?

One of the simplest documents you can obtain as legal identification proof is a barangay clearance. It’s a piece of writing that has a person’s name, address, thumbprint, and signature on it. The date it was issued and the purpose for which it was issued are also included. The barangay captain’s signature and the official seal of the barangay are both on it.

It is an acceptable supporting document that can be utilized in a variety of circumstances. Obtaining a job, requesting a business permit, opening a bank account, and requesting a new ID are just a few examples! It is valid for six months.

Purpose of Barangay Clearance

There are several uses for barangay clearance. It may be needed for a job requirement, business permit application, bank account opening, or as a prerequisite for another valid ID ( Postal ID and UMID Card). Additionally, you can use it for your driver’s license, NBI or police clearances, and the Indigent Certification for PhilHealth.

How much is Barangay Clearance?

Although most barangays offer this service for free, not all of them do. Some charge a fee even for 20 pesos. On the other hand, the Municipal Hall must first provide you with a cedula or Community Tax Certificate before the Barangay Clearance can be issued. What is the cost of a cedula? Depending on your income from the prior year. You must complete a form if you want to apply for a cedula.

You must list your earnings from the previous year on this form. The government employee will then determine how much you must pay for the cedula. False earnings are frequently reported, and this is wrong. You cannot do this if you are a business owner because the government will also check your tax returns. Since this money goes to the government’s fund collection, which is used for infrastructure projects, you must be truthful.

Barangay Clearance Validity

A barangay clearance is valid for a year from the date it was issued. Once the clearance has passed, a new one must be obtained. The document may not explicitly state when the barangay clearance expires, but the issue date will let you know when it does.

What Are the Barangay Clearance Requirements

  • Cedula
  • Accomplished barangay clearance application form
  • Proof of payment for the clearance

If a barangay captain does not know you or where you live, he or she might request additional paperwork. Billing evidence is one illustration. They won’t do this the majority of the time. The officer will ask you a few questions as you receive a clearance to make sure you actually reside in the barangay.

How to Get Barangay Clearance in the Philippines

You only need to visit your barangay captain at his office to obtain a barangay clearance. Once you have the document and he is not there, you can go to his house to get his signature. You can read more about clearances in this section.

Ways in Securing Barangay Clearance

  • Step 1: Go to the municipal hall and pay your cedula
  • Step 2: You must visit your Barangay Captain at the Barangay Hall;
    you must speak to the officer if the captain is not there.
  • Step 3: Fill out the Application Form
  • Step 4: Pay the Barangay Clearance Fee
  • Step 5: Get the Barangay Clearance and sign the logbook

Where can I obtain barangay clearance? Where can I get barangay clearance? No, your Barangay Hall is the only place to get it. Working with fixers is forbidden; avoid doing so. A fixer is a person who bills you in the Philippines. He will process the official document for you in return. This is obviously against the law. Because the money you pay does not go to the government’s coffers, you must avoid doing business with them.

Barangay Clearance Online

A Barangay Clearance cannot be obtained online. Because a barangay is only a small administrative unit of the government, there is no barangay clearance online registration. It does not have a national system. However, there is a way to obtain an NBI Clearance online. You only need to visit their website to make an appointment. The document will still need to be picked up in person rather than online.

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Source: Philippine Go

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