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DILG Region 12 Job Vacancies

Job Vacancy #1: Administrative Aide IV (Driver II) (SG4 Php15,586)

  • Plantilia Item No.: OSEC-DILGB-ADA4-105-2010
  • Education: Elementary School Graduate
  • Training: None Required
  • Experience: None Required
  • Eligibility: Driver’s License (MC10, s. 2013-Cat. IV)

Job Vacancy #2: Administrative Aide IV (Mechanic I) (SG4 Php15,586)

  • Plantilia Item No.: OSEC-DILGB-ADA4-274-2005
  • Education: High School Graduate or completion of relevant vocational/trade course
  • Training: None Required
  • Experience: None Required
  • Eligibility: Mechanic (MC 20, s.2013-Cat. II)

Job Vacancy #3: Administrative Aide IV (Clerk II) (SG4 Php15,586)

  • Plantilia Item No.: OSEC-DILGB-ADA4-273-2005
  • Education: Completion of two years of studies in College
  • Training: None Required
  • Experience: None Required
  • Eligibility: Career Service (Subprofessional) First Level Eligibility

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How to Apply

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for these promising positions:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

  • Ensure you meet the qualifications stated in the job posting.
  • The office encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds, including persons with disabilities, indigenous communities, and individuals with different sexual orientations and gender identities.

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

  • Gather the necessary documents for your application:
    • A filled-out Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with a recent passport-sized photo
    • Your performance rating from the last rating period (if applicable).
    • Photocopy of your certificate of eligibility, rating, or license.
    • Photocopy of your Transcript of Records.

Step 3: Write a Letter of Application

  • Compose a letter expressing your interest in the position. Clearly state that you are applying for the job and express your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

  • Attach all the required documents to your application letter. Make sure everything is complete and accurate. Applications with incomplete documents will not be accepted.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

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The DILG Region 12 job vacancy deadline is quickly approaching, with applications due by November 15, 2023.

If you’re interested, make sure to prepare your application promptly and ensure all required documents are in order.

Remember the date and take the necessary steps to meet the deadline. Good luck to all applicants!


In conclusion, the job vacancies at DILG Region 12 present a fantastic opportunity for job seekers from various backgrounds, whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional. With 15 different positions available, there is a role that may suit your qualifications and career aspirations. It’s an excellent chance to contribute to the organization’s mission and make a positive impact in your community.

To increase your chances of being highly hired for these positions or any other job opportunity, here are some valuable tips:

  • Meet Eligibility Requirements: Ensure you meet the qualifications and eligibility criteria specified in the job postings. Check for any specific requirements for each position.
  • Prepare Your Documents: Gather all the necessary documents, including a completed Personal Data Sheet (PDS), performance ratings, certificates of eligibility, transcripts of records, and a well-written letter of application expressing your interest and enthusiasm for the position.
  • Submit a Complete Application: Carefully follow the application instructions and attach all required documents. Incomplete applications may not be considered.
  • Submit Your Application Promptly: The deadline for applications is November 15, 2023, so it’s essential to submit your application as early as possible to avoid missing this opportunity.
  • Be Patient: The selection process may take some time, so be patient and wait for a response from the office.

Remember, following these steps and ensuring your application is complete and accurate is crucial for a successful application. We wish all applicants the best of luck in pursuing a fulfilling career with DILG Region 12.

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