49 Domestic Helpers Wanted in Singapore: Apply Now!

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Job Description

Domestic helpers are responsible for maintaining a clean and organized household. 

Their duties include:

  • cleaning and tidying up the living spaces, 
  • doing laundry and ironing, 
  • preparing meals, 
  • grocery shopping, 
  • running errands, 
  • and taking care of pets, plants, and children if required. 


  • At least a high school diploma is required.
  • Only female candidates are eligible.
  • Age range from 24 to 40 years old.
  • Accepting applicants with or without prior experience.

Competitive Salary

This position offers a basic monthly salary of SGD 650 (equivalent to Php26,922.43 ) as of writing.

About the Manpower

How to Apply

Application Deadline

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