23 Domestic Helpers Wanted in Hong Kong: High School Graduates are Accepted – Apply Now!

Are you a high school graduate looking for an exciting opportunity to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong?

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Look no further since JEDEGAL International Manpower Services, Inc. has 23 vacancies available to apply for in Hong Kong until May 10, 2024, and is looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join their team!

As a domestic helper in Hong Kong, your job will involve a range of responsibilities that can be both challenging and fulfilling.

You will need to have experience in cleaning and understand how to use cleaning products effectively. Additionally, good communication skills, knowledge of cleaning appliances, and the ability to organize household items independently are essential.

You may also be responsible for tasks like housekeeping, childcare, meal preparation, laundry and ironing, and basic cleaning tasks such as making beds, vacuuming, and dusting. You should be proficient in bathroom cleaning, floor, wall, and window cleaning, and maintaining household inventory. Overall, this job requires a can-do attitude, a willingness to learn, and the ability to multitask to provide high-quality service.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in a foreign country while earning a good income.

But before you apply, be sure to carefully review the job description, qualifications, and requirements to see if you’re the right fit.

To be considered, applicants must be female and at least high school graduates between the ages of 24 to 40 years old and can speak and understand English, with or without prior experience.

So if you meet the above qualifications, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Updated resume
  • Your passport (valid for 2 years), and if you’ve lived in Hong Kong before, bring your old ID too
  • Proof of your highest level of education (diploma)
  • Recent passport-sized photos with a white background
  • NBI Clearance with at least six months of validity or a Multi-Purpose Clearance

Candidates should bring a Medical Certificate or proof of health check-up if applicable.

The job offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including a monthly salary of HKD 4,730 (equivalent to PHP 32,878), free accommodation, health insurance, and paid holidays. Domestic helpers in Hong Kong are also entitled to one day off per week and public holidays.

If you’re interested in applying for the Domestic Helper role in Hong Kong at Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc., here are four easy ways to submit your application.

  • You can click the link provided, https://www.jedegal.com.ph/apply-custom.php, and upload your updated CV or resume.
  • You can call the recruitment agency at their phone numbers, which are 3522192, 3522193, 0929-8196107, 0905-2827419, 0921-8888741, and 0977-1700080.
  • You can submit your application via email to hongkong@jedegal.com.ph and wait for further instructions.
  • You can walk into the agency’s office located on the Ground floor & 2nd-floor Accent Tower, Building 33 Shorthorn St. Project 8 Quezon City, Philippines, and submit your CV for immediate screening.

Choose the most convenient option for you and take the first step towards a promising future with Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc.

Submit your requirements before the deadline on May 10, 2024!

Domestic Helper
Domestic helpers are individuals who are employed by households to perform various tasks related to the household’s maintenance and its members’ well-being. These tasks can include cleaning, cooking, laundry, childcare, and other domestic duties.

This could be an excellent opportunity to take the first step towards a promising future, so act fast and apply now.

Ultimately, please be reminded that this job posting is for informational purposes only, and any information contained herein belongs to its rightful owners.

You may click the “APPLY NOW!” button provided if you wish to proceed in applying. May you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your skills, interests, and goals. BEST OF LUCK!

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