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108 DSWD Job Vacancies | Apply Now!

Are you a college graduate looking for DSWD job vacancies?

This article will guide you on what you need in applying for the job in DSWD, like each job’s details, qualifications, requirements, and application procedures.

So, please keep reading to learn more about it!

DSWD Job Vacancies

Currently, there are 108 DSWD job vacancies at DSWD Central Office and DSWD Field Office VII. You have to submit your application before the deadline provided for each vacant position.

Here’s the list of the DSWD job vacancies:

For those job vacancies without an application form provided, click the button below to see the requirements and to know what to do:

How to Apply

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to apply for job vacancies at DSWD:

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Gather and organize all necessary documents as listed.
  2. Organize Your Documents: Ensure clarity and completeness of each document.
  3. Submit Your Application: Online Submission: Upload separate PDF files for each position applied.
  4. Wait for a Response: All communication will be via email. Monitor your inbox regularly.

You may click the “HOW TO APPLY” button provided if you want to proceed to the Application and with our Detailed Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply.

Important Notes:

  • Incomplete applications won’t be considered.
  • Address your application letter correctly.
  • Be aware of the specific deadlines; extension requests won’t be accepted.


In summary, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) offers 108 job vacancies open to college graduates.

These positions cover a range of roles, each with its own set of requirements and application deadlines.

Applicants must carefully prepare and submit their complete application packages following the provided guidelines. Good luck with your application!

Source: Philippine Go


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  1. Roberto C. Ebol Avatar
    Roberto C. Ebol

    Hi, my name is Roberto C. Ebol I’m currently graduate taking of BS ENTREPRENUERSHIP IN QUEZON CITY UNIVERSITY. I’m apply for the position that feet of my course.


    job hunt

  3. Genalyn agaid Avatar
    Genalyn agaid

    hi Po mag apply sana ko 10 years na Po ako encoder Sa banko Ng BDO Po.

  4. Jeneva Alarcon pabiona Avatar
    Jeneva Alarcon pabiona

    im willling to apply maam/sir…
    what are the possible requirements?

  5. I’m Looking for Electrical works I’m 26 years old and 2 years works experience as Building Wiring and 3 Years Work Experience as a Lineman at Electric Facility in Iloilo City.

  6. I’m 2 years graduate as Associate in Computer Science Secretarial hopefully given a chance to apply for the opportunity.

  7. I want to apply this job

  8. pwede Po ba mag apply?

  9. Erma Ortonio Tenedero Avatar
    Erma Ortonio Tenedero

    Hello, i am erma ortonio tenedero, i am professional teacher, a new license 2023 a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education- Home Economics, and i am looking for a job for a qualified position in any agency, which is suited for my degree. Can u call me or email me, for job vacancy? Thank you and God bless.

  10. Gusto ko po mag apply

  11. Thank your very much for this opportunities to gave a chance those not have a work like me. thank you so much. At maligayang bagong taon sa inyong lahat.❤

  12. This opportunities it can help to those people who have not a work this is a very big gif for to as.

  13. Thank you so much for this job hiring.

  14. Thank your very much for this opportunities to gave a chance does not have a work like me. thank you so much. At maligayang bagong taon sa inyong lahat.❤

  15. Thanks for this oportunaty.

  16. Glaiza Elumbaring Avatar
    Glaiza Elumbaring

    pwede Po mag apply BSBA COURSE 09709278243

  17. Angelika Palacios Lariosa Avatar
    Angelika Palacios Lariosa

    any vacant position

  18. Angelika Palacios Lariosa Avatar
    Angelika Palacios Lariosa

    hello good day I’m interested of any vacant position ty😊

  19. Angelika Palacios Lariosa Avatar
    Angelika Palacios Lariosa
  20. Angelika Palacios Lariosa Avatar
    Angelika Palacios Lariosa

    hello good day…I’m interested ..I’m willing to work with your company hopping to respond me ASAP ty.😊

  21. I’m willing to work❤️🙏

  22. Gemma lariosa Avatar
    Gemma lariosa

    hello good day po, 😊 I am interested to apply with your company..any vacant position lang po.ok lang po ☺️ ty

  23. Wemelyn plang Rivera Avatar
    Wemelyn plang Rivera

    I’m wemelyn plang rivera.graduate at cap college foundation Inc .willing to assign to any vacant positions

  24. Mac Dave Santia Avatar
    Mac Dave Santia


  25. I am interested applying for any job vacancy that suits my qualifications.

  26. hi mam/si ok lang po ba mag apply 2years course po ako ng management but iam a caregiver for ten year in jeddah hospital

  27. Rose Ann Roque Avatar
    Rose Ann Roque

    none so far

  28. Rose Ann Roque Avatar
    Rose Ann Roque

    apply work

    1. Jaime B Endencio Jr. Avatar
      Jaime B Endencio Jr.

      hi ma’am I’m Jaime Endencio Jr,I’m a four years college graduate. I’m applying to any position or vacancies Thank you 💙

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