Food Delivery Jobs in Brunei 2024: Apply Now!

Looking for food delivery gigs in Brunei?

We get it – finding work, especially flexible gigs like food delivery can be tough.

In this guide, we’ll help you find Rider jobs in Brunei.

Let’s get started and find you a job that fits your schedule!

🚴 Job Description

As a Rider, you’ll:

  • Pick up food from restaurants.
  • Deliver orders to customers.
  • Make sure orders are right and customers are happy.
  • Keep your delivery vehicle clean.

🚴 Qualifications

To apply, you need:

  • A Vocational Diploma/Short Course Certificate.
  • Should be male.
  • At least 1 year of experience.
  • Age limit: 40 years.

If you meet these requirements and love the idea of delivering food, this could be the job for you!

🚴 Salary and Benefits

Riders in Brunei earn around 10,220 BND yearly (approximately around Php425,420.32). You also get free meals, accommodation, transportation, and no placement or processing fees.


Apply by May 31, 2024. Don’t wait – apply now to boost your chances!

Principal Employer

Entrek Brunei

How to Apply

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your CV ready.
  2. Visit the Grand Placement Job Application.
  3. Fill in your info and upload your CV.
  4. Complete the reCAPTCHA and hit submit.

For help, contact Grand Placement:

  • Mobile: (0917) 832-1655
  • Landline: (02) 8525-1031 Local 128
  • Email: recruit7@grandplacement.com


Being a Rider in Brunei offers flexibility and a chance to grow.

Apply before May 31, 2024, and start your journey!

For a better shot, highlight your skills, stay positive, and show enthusiasm.

Good luck with your application! 🍀

You may click the “HOW TO APPLY” button provided if you wish to proceed to the Application and with our Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply.

Source: Philippine Go

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