Join the Force for Labor and Employment Progress: Apply Now to the Institute for Labor Studies

Are you passionate about improving working conditions and promoting social protection for all?

Then consider a career at the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS), an organization at the forefront of developing and promoting policies related to labor and employment!

As the policy research and advocacy arm of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the Philippines, ILS is dedicated to supporting the development of a strong and inclusive labor market that benefits everyone.

With a team of experts and extensive experience in the field, ILS carries out research, analysis, training, and capacity-building activities and collaborates with government agencies, trade unions, employers, academic institutions, and international organizations to make a difference.

The ILS organization is hiring for several job vacancies until February 10, 2023, including:

  1. Chief Labor and Employment Officer (SG24/Monthly salary of Php 88,410)
  2. Supervising Administrative Officer (SG22/Monthly salary of Php 69,963)
  3. Four Senior Labor and Employment Officers (SG19/Monthly salary of Php 49,835)
  4. Two Labor and Employment Officer II (SG13/Monthly salary of Php 29,798)
  5. One Administrative Assistant III (Human Resources Assistant/Budget Assistant/Bookkeeper/Secretary)

The eligibility, experience, education, and training requirements vary for each position. Also, the salaries and plantilla item numbers are listed for each job.

The Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) follows a policy of non-discrimination in its recruitment and selection process based on gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, civil status, age, political affiliation, and indigenous group membership.

Applicants must submit the required documents, including a completed Personal Data Sheet, Certificate of Employment or Work Experience Sheet, Transcript of Record, eligibility certificate/rating/license, recent performance rating (if applicable), and relevant training certificates, through the ILS Job Application Online (JAO) at or using the provided QR code.

Labor and Employment Officer positions require the submission of at least two written technical or research papers.

All documents must be submitted in one PDF file with the format: Surname, First Name, Middle Initial.

Late and incomplete submissions, as well as hard copies and email submissions, will not be accepted.

Inquiries can be made through the ILS telephone numbers 8527-3522 and 8527-3511 or fax at 8527-3491 and through the email address

Be part of a dynamic team and help create a better future for workers and the wider economy. Apply now for any open job positions at the Institute for Labor Studies!

Source: Philippine Go

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