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Job Description

Millwright-Crusher fixes and maintains crushers in mining and construction. Know mechanics, welding, and more. Making sure everything runs smoothly.

What To Do:

  • Fix and replace parts
  • Check heavy equipment
  • Solve problems
  • Do repairs with tools
  • Keep things running safely


  • Finish secondary education with related courses
  • (Five) 5 years of experience in quarry, mining, or construction
  • Must have a 4-wheel driver’s license


The average Millwright-Crusher salary in Canada is $55,593 per year (around Php 2,303,996.29) or $28.51 per hour (around Php 1,181.57). 

Principal Employer

RM Recrutement International specializes in providing recruitment solutions. They connect Filipino workers with job opportunities in Canada and other countries.

How to Apply

  • Create your resume/CV.
  • Access the application link.
  • Register and read important points.
  • Fill out the form and upload documents.
  • Download and fill out the evaluation form.
  • Complete registration.


Apply before April 25, 2024.

To apply, click the “APPLY NOW” button. Go for it and make that Millwright-Crusher job yours! 🔨🌟

Source: Philippine Go

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