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Philippine Salary Grade 2023

What is a Salary Grade?

A salary grade is a number that defines the monthly payment/income a government employee receives.

Each government position is assigned a salary grade based on its difficulty level and range of responsibilities. The President of the Philippines is the highest responsibility. Hence, the salary grade of the president is Grade 33 and the lowest responsibility in the Philippines is Utility Worker with a Salary grade of 1. Salary grades in the Philippine government run from 1-33 and Salary grade 33 is the highest pay.

What is a Salary Step?

Salary step corresponds to the basic salary of an employee based on how long she/he has served in a particular position. All Newly hired government employee starts at Step 1 after every three years of continuous satisfactory service in their current position, employees move forward to the next step and in the second step, they will indicate their increased Salary.

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Source: Philippine Go

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