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Hello there, high school graduates! 

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🛠Job Description

A Plumber installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing systems in different buildings to ensure efficient and safe water, gas, and waste distribution.

What To Do:

  • Set up, fix, and look after plumbing systems
  • Figure out and solve plumbing problems
  • Use tools to cut, bend, and connect pipes
  • Install and fix bathroom stuff like toilets and sinks
  • Deal with different pipe types like PVC, copper, and steel
  • Set up and take care of gas and water lines
  • Stick to safety rules
  • Keep good records of the work done
  • Talk well with the team and customers
  • Give excellent customer service.


Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. is looking for male/female Plumber applicants who are:

  • Age: 20 to 35 years old
  • Status: Single or Married
  • Education: At least High School Graduate
  • Experience: At least one year
  • No major surgery five (5) years back from today
  • Strictly NO TATTOO for first-timers to work in Japan
  • Willing to study Japanese language (4-6 months, free).

📝Job Requirements

To apply, provide the following documents:

  1. Updated resume
  2. Photocopy of Passport
  3. PSA Birth Certificate
  4. NBI Clearance Copy
  5. One piece 2×2 photo with a white background
  6. PEOS Certificate
  7. E-registration Certificate

💰Competitive Salary

A Plumber working in Japan typically earns an average monthly salary of 176,000 JPY (around Php 66,026.05).

🏢Principal Employer

Explore the opportunity with:

  • Japan Human Support Cooperative
    • Offering one vacancy for a Plumber position.
    • Japan Human Support Cooperative is committed to providing Filipino workers with employment opportunities and support services.

🌐How to Apply

  1. Fill-up Online Application
  2. Contact the Recruitment Agency
  3. Submit the Application via Email
  4. Visit the Agency’s Office
  5. Follow-Up

📅Application Deadline

Submit your application as soon as possible for higher chances of selection, as the agency hasn’t provided a specific deadline.

To apply, click the “APPLY NOW” button to proceed to our detailed article about this job. Good luck with your journey! 🌟

Source: Philippine Go

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