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Enlist for Service: PNP 2023 Patrolman/Patrolwoman Recruitment Program

In a world where security and harmony are paramount, the Philippine National Police Recruitment and Selection Service (PNP RSS) stands as the vanguard, extending an inviting hand to individuals with the courage and commitment to become part of their noble ranks.

Embrace the Opportunity: Join the Philippine National Police and Shape a Safer Future

As the Calendar Year 2023 PNP Recruitment Program takes center stage, a remarkable door swings open for those who aspire to be more than just individuals, but guardians of their community. This is a call to action, an opportunity to contribute to the safety and welfare of the nation, and to forge a path towards a brighter future.

The PNP RSS has extended a call to those who possess the passion and potential to become distinguished members of the force. The invitation is open to individuals who aspire to take on the roles of Patrolman and Patrolwoman with a monthly base salary of Php 29,668.00 along with additional mandatory allowances and benefits.

Specifically, this includes college graduates with eligibility, and those who bring their talents in music for marching bands. The qualifications for this role are not just about education; they’re about character, values, and dedication to the greater good.

Requirements for Aspiring Guardians

To join the ranks of the Philippine National Police as a Patrolman or Patrolwoman, certain requirements must be met. These documents are essential to ensure the candidates’ suitability for such a crucial responsibility:

  • PSA issued Birth Certificate
  • PSA Issued Advisory on Marriage of PNP personnel
  • PSA Issued Advisory on Marriage of Spouse
  • PSA Issued Marriage Contract
  • PSA Issued Birth Certificate of Dependents
  • PSA Issued Certificate of Non Marriage (CENOMAR)
  • Photocopy of valid ID with three specimen signatures
  • College Diploma & Transcript of Record (TOR)
  • General Weighted Average (GWA) of TOR
  • Good Moral Character certificate from the last attended school
  • Eligibility from NAPOLCOM/CSC/PRC/PD No. 907
  • Report of Rating
  • Authenticated PRC License (if applicable)
  • National Police Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Recommendations from Mayor/ADHOC Committee, Prosecutor/Fiscal, MTC, and RTC
  • NBI Clearance
  • Various photographs as specified

Qualities that Define the Guardians

The PNP RSS understands that the role of a Patrolman or Patrolwoman demands a specific set of attributes. These attributes are guided by Republic Act (RA) No. 6975 and its subsequent amendments. Some of these attributes include being a citizen of the Philippines, possessing good moral character, undergoing psychological, drug, and physical tests administered by the PNP, having a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution, and holding eligibility through various channels.

Seize the Moment: How to Apply

The journey to becoming a guardian begins with a simple step – completing the registration process through the provided Google Form links until AUGUST 15, 2023 ONLY. These links are categorized for male and female applicants, ensuring a seamless process for all.

The PNP Recruitment Program beckons those with a passion for making a difference and a readiness to face challenges head-on. This is your opportunity to answer a higher calling, to become a pillar of strength, and to contribute to a safer and more just society.

The journey will test your limits and shape you into a beacon of resilience and integrity. It’s an invitation to embrace a legacy that transforms lives and molds society. Take that step, seize this unparalleled opportunity, and let your journey as a guardian of your community begin.

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