PNPA Cadet Admission Test 2024 | Online Application System

PNPA Cadet Admission Test 2024 | Online Application System

This article explains the qualifications, requirements, benefits, how to apply, and other key details about the PNPA Cadet Admission Test.

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About the PNPA Cadet Admission Test

The Philippine National Police Academy – Justice, Integrity, Service Facebook Page has announced that the Online Application System (OAS) for the Philippine National Police Academy Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT) for the Calendar Year 2024 is now officially open! 


  • A natural-born Filipino citizen;
  • Must be 18 to 22 years old at the time of admission;
  • Male or female must be single with no parental obligation;
  • At least Senior High School graduate upon admission (June 1, 2025);
  • At least 5 ft and 2 inches (158.2cm) for males and 5 ft (152.4 cm) for females in height;


  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Passport-sized or 2×2 picture with name tag
  • Fill out a copy of the PNPA BMI Form. 


  • An opportunity to become a Police Officer to serve God, Country, and People;
  • Full government scholarship grants for 4 years of cadetship program;

How to Apply

  1. Check Your Eligibility
  2. Prepare Required Documents
  3. Registration
  4. Submission


The PNPA Cadet Admission Test Online Application System deadline is extended until June 30, 2024

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