57 Career-Defining Opportunities Await: Join the PSA Field Office Team and Elevate Your Future Today

Are you looking for a career opportunity that will allow you to thrive and grow professionally?

With 57 positions currently available, the organization welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds, whether they are experienced professionals or recent graduates, who are committed to making a meaningful impact.

PSA Field Office is actively seeking driven and passionate individuals who are looking for a new career opportunity that will challenge and inspire them.

With 57 positions currently available, the organization welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds, whether they are experienced professionals or recent graduates, who are committed to making a meaningful impact.

At PSA Field Office, applicants will find a dynamic and collaborative environment where they can work alongside a talented and supportive team. The organization is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence and is seeking individuals who share this commitment.

If you are interested in taking your career to the next level and making a meaningful contribution to an organization with a mission of excellence, apply now to join the team at PSA Field Office.

Interestingly, PSA Field Office is thrilled to offer 57 exciting job openings for talented and motivated individuals to join their elite team.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the vacancies available to apply for at the PSA FIELD OFFICE until June 16, 2023, with their corresponding salary grades:

  • One (1) Chief Administrative Officer (Salary Grade 24)
  • Three (3) Chief Statistical Specialist (Salary Grade 24)
  • Three (3) Supervising Statistical Specialist (Salary Grade 22)
  • Three (3) Senior Statistical Specialist (Salary Grade 19)
  • Two (2) Statistical Specialist II (Salary Grade 16)
  • Twelve (12) Accountant I (Salary Grade 12)
  • Eleven (11) Statistical Analyst (Salary Grade 11)
  • Four (4) Administrative Officer I (Salary Grade 10)
  • Eight (8) Registration Officer I (Salary Grade 10)
  • One (1) Administrative Assistant III (Salary Grade 9)
  • Two (2) Assistant Statistician (Salary Grade 9)
  • Two (2) Administrative Assistant II (Salary Grade 8)
  • Five (5) Administrative Aide VI (Clerk III) (Salary Grade 6)

PSA Field Office is seeking to fill 57 positions with various specializations and corresponding salary grades. The positions include top-level roles such as Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Statistical Specialist, as well as mid- and entry-level roles such as Administrative Officer, Statistical Analyst, and Administrative Aide. The organization is also looking for Registration Officers, and Accountants.

The organization is seeking individuals with different skill sets, including administrative, statistical, and financial expertise. The job titles and salary grades provide a clear understanding of the hierarchy and compensation structure within the organization.

If you have the necessary qualifications and are looking for a new opportunity, this could be the perfect chance for you to join the PSA Team in Field Office.

To apply, you must provide a signed application letter indicating the specific position title, salary grade (SG) level, and place of assignment.

Additionally, you need to submit a duly accomplished and signed personal data sheet, a signed work experience sheet, and authenticated eligibility (if applicable).

If there have been changes in educational attainment, you must also provide a transcript of records.

Certificates of training within the last five years relevant to the position applied for (if applicable) and a certified true copy of the individual performance commitment review (IPCR) or its equivalent for the last rating period (for applicants with work experience) are also required.

Finally, you must provide an affidavit of informed consent, waiver, and undertaking of compliance with the minimum qualification standards and requirements.

If you are applying for an SG 24 position, you must also submit a certification from an authorized officer indicating that you are performing supervisory functions.

Applicants must submit their complete requirements before the deadline, failure to do so may result in automatic disqualification.

Don’t wait until the last minute – submit your application ASAP to be considered for this exciting opportunity!

Remember, the deadline for submission is on June 16, 2023, so make sure to act fast and submit your complete application today.

Apply now and take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career with PSA Field Office!

Ultimately, please be reminded that this job posting is for informational purposes only, and any information contained herein belongs to its rightful owners.

You may click the “APPLY NOW!” button provided if you wish to proceed in applying. May you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your skills, interests, and goals. BEST OF LUCK!

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