PSA Field Office Hiring: College Graduates are Preferred for Most Positions, Apply Now!

The Philippine Statistics Authority (Filipino: Pangasiwaan ng Estadistika ng Pilipinas), abbreviated as PSA, is the central statistical authority of the Philippine government that collects, compiles, analyzes, and publishes statistical information on economic, social, demographic, and political affairs and general affairs of the people of the Philippines and enforces the civil registration functions in the country. It is an attached agency of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) for policy coordination. The PSA comprises the PSA Board and offices on sectoral statistics, censuses, technical coordination, civil registration, the Philippine registry office, central support, and field statistical services.

The National Statistician, appointed by the President of the Philippines from a list of nominees submitted by a Special Committee and endorsed by the PSA Board Chairperson, is the head of the PSA and has a rank equivalent to an Undersecretary. Aside from directing and supervising the general administration of the PSA, the National Statistician provides overall direction in implementing the Civil Registry Law and related issuances and exercises technical supervision over the civil registrars as Civil Registrar General.

Furthermore, the PSA shall primarily be responsible for the implementation of the objectives and provisions of R.A. 10625, R.A. 11055, and R.A. 11315. It shall plan, develop, prescribe, disseminate, and enforce policies, rules, and regulations and coordinate government-wide programs governing the production of official statistics, general-purpose statistics, civil registration services, and inclusive identification systems. It shall primarily be responsible for all national censuses and surveys, sectoral statistics, community-based statistics, consolidation of selected administrative recording systems, and compilation of national accounts.

Interestingly, PSA calls for applicants for Vacant Positions at the Field Offices (First and Second Level Positions) until February 07, 2023.

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The following are the list of positions with their salary grade and below is the attached PDF of their qualification standards:

  • Four (4) Supervising Statistical Specialist (Salary Grade 22)
  • Six (6) Statistical Specialist II (Salary Grade 16)
  • Two (2) Registration Officer II (Salary Grade 14)
  • Five (5) Accountant I (Salary Grade 12)
  • Three (3) Statistical Analyst (Salary Grade 11)
  • Two (2) Administrative Officer I (Salary Grade 10)
  • Two (2) Registration Officer I (Salary Grade 10)
  • One (1) Assistant Statistician (Salary Grade 9)
  • Three (3) Administration Assistant III (Salary Grade 9)
  • One (1) Administrative Assistant II (Salary Grade 8)

If you wish to apply for the available positions, click the below button for more information.

Source: Philippine Go

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