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Unleash Your Potential at PCIC: Seize One of 19 Thrilling Vacancies Today

Are you a jobseeker looking for new opportunities in the field of agriculture and insurance?

Look no further than the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC), a leading government-owned corporation that is currently offering numerous job vacancies across various departments. Joining the PCIC family means becoming part of a dynamic and impactful organization that plays a crucial role in supporting Filipino farmers and ensuring the stability of the agriculture sector.

PCIC takes pride in its commitment to promoting the welfare of farmers and providing comprehensive insurance coverage against natural disasters, pest and disease outbreaks, and other risks that can impact agricultural productivity. Whether you are an attorney, a strategic planner, a technical expert, an accountant, a financial specialist, or have customer service skills, PCIC has positions that may suit your expertise.

By joining PCIC, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of farmers and contribute to the overall development of the country.

Surprisingly, the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation  has announced 19 vacant positions available for interested and qualified applicants.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the vacancies available to apply for at PCIC until August 5, 2023, with their corresponding salary grades and monthly salaries.

The Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) is currently offering a range of exciting job vacancies that may be of interest to jobseekers. These positions include an Attorney IV, a Planning Analyst II, a Technical Assistant B, a Division Chief III, an Accountant III, a Financial Specialist, a Financial Analyst II, a Teller II, an Insurance Adjuster I, and an Insurance Underwriter I. The monthly salary range is Php 33,719 to Php 81,588.

With competitive salaries, professional growth opportunities, and the chance to make a meaningful impact, these job vacancies are worth considering for individuals passionate about agriculture, insurance, and public service. Take the first step and apply to be part of PCIC’s mission today!

If you are interested in any of the job vacancies available at the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC), you can apply by following a straightforward process. Begin by expressing your interest in writing through an application letter, ensuring that it is well-crafted and highlights your qualifications for the desired position. Remember to attach the necessary documents to support your application.

The required documents include a fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS), which should include a recent passport-sized picture. You can download the PDS form (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) from the provided link. Additionally, if applicable, include your performance rating from the last rating period, as well as photocopies of your certificate of eligibility, rating, or license. Finally, make sure to include a photocopy of your Transcript of Records.

To submit your application, qualified applicants are advised to either hand-deliver it or send it through a courier service or email. If you choose to hand-deliver your application, you can submit it to:

Department Manager III, Administrative Department 
7th Floor Bldg. A, NIA Complex, Diliman, Quezon City

Alternatively, you may submit your application to the concerned Regional Offices. If you prefer to send your application via email, you can use the following address:

The deadline for submitting your application is August 5, 2023. Please ensure that your application reaches the designated address or email before the specified deadline. It is essential to note that applications with incomplete documents will not be entertained. Therefore, ensure that you gather all the required documents and submit a complete application before the deadline. By following these instructions, you increase your chances of being considered for the job vacancies at PCIC.

Ultimately, please be reminded that this job posting is for informational purposes only, and any information contained herein belongs to its rightful owners.

You may click the “APPLY NOW!” button provided if you wish to proceed in applying. May you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your skills, interests, and goals. BEST OF LUCK!

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Source: Philippine Go

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