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Job Description of Recreation Supervision

As a Recreation Supervisor, you’ll be at the heart of planning, organizing, and managing recreational activities and programs.

Your canvas extends to various settings, including parks, community centers, and schools.

Your mission: to coordinate and facilitate activities that promote physical fitness, social interaction, and personal growth.

Your palette of duties includes:

  • Developing and Implementing Programs: Crafting engaging recreational experiences.
  • Budget Management: Handling financial resources for your projects.
  • Staff Recruitment and Training: Building a dynamic team.
  • Facility and Equipment Coordination: Ensuring a smooth flow of activities.
  • Event Promotion: Spreading the word about your exciting programs.
  • Participant Safety and Well-being: Making sure everyone has a great time while staying safe.
  • Effective Communication: Engaging with participants, parents, and stakeholders.
  • Program Assessment: Evaluating the impact of your programs and making improvements.

In this role, you’ll bring joy, health, and growth to your community through the magic of recreation.


Ikon Solution Asia, Inc. has recently posted a job listing for the position of Recreation Supervisor in Macau. The ideal candidate for this role should meet specific criteria:

  • Age 21-35, Male: Age range for eligible candidates.
  • Minimum Height 170cm: Height requirement.
  • 3+ Years of Relevant Experience in 5-Star/Branded Hotels: Proven track record in the hospitality industry.
  • Proficiency in Forbes Health Club Standards: Familiarity with high standards.
  • CPR Certified: Certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Swimming Proficiency: Open to outdoor pool duty.

If you meet these qualifications and have a passion for coordinating and managing recreational activities, this is your golden opportunity to pursue or advance your career.


Ikon Solution Asia, Inc. recently shared an exciting update on its Facebook page, revealing that the successful candidate for the role of Recreation Supervisor in Macau could potentially earn up to Php137,000 monthly. The actual salary may vary depending on the candidate’s level of experience and qualifications.

Your Application Journey: Step by Step

Step 1: Choose Your Application Method

You have two options for applying with Ikon Solution Asia, Inc.: in person or online.

Step 2: In-Person Application

For those opting for an in-person application, here are the addresses:

  • Manila: 8th Floor, Algo Center, 162 LP Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227.
  • Cebu: 2nd Floor, RKD Building, A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu 6014.
  • Davao: Nova Tierra Square, Bo. Pampanga, Davao City, 8000.

Step 3: Application Form

You may click the “HOW TO APPLY” button provided if you wish to proceed to the Application form and with our Complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply.

Application Deadline: Act Swiftly!

Although no specific deadline is mentioned, it’s crucial to complete and submit your application for the Recreation Supervisor role in Macau before the application form becomes unavailable. Applying early ensures sufficient time for document preparation and qualification fulfillment.

In Conclusion: Your Path to Macau

In summary, the opportunity to become a Recreation Supervisor in Macau is an exciting one for individuals who are passionate about coordinating and managing recreational activities. This role involves planning and organizing a variety of programs that promote physical fitness, social interaction, and personal growth, making it a rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

To enhance your chances of being hired for this role, ensure that you meet the specific qualifications, which include age, height, relevant experience, and specific skills like CPR certification and swimming proficiency.

For job seekers aiming to secure this position or any other, here are some valuable tips:

  • Customize Your Resume: Tailor your resume to highlight your relevant experience and skills in event planning, program management, and communication.
  • Organize Your Documents: Keep all your necessary documents, such as certifications and references, in order and readily accessible for easy submission.
  • Professional Communication: Maintain professionalism in your application and any correspondence with the hiring team.
  • Follow-Up: After submitting your application, remain proactive by following up on its status and responding promptly to any communications from the employer.
  • Prepare for Interviews: If you are shortlisted for an interview, take the time to research the organization, practice potential interview questions, and showcase your skills and experience effectively.

While the application deadline was not specified, it is advisable to apply early to ensure you do not miss this opportunity.

We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of a fulfilling career as a Recreation Supervisor in Macau. Your journey starts here! 🌟

You may click the “APPLY NOW!” button provided if you wish to proceed with our Full Article for this Job vacancy. May you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your skills, interests, and goals. BEST OF LUCK!

Source: Philippine Go

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